I like…

people who want to achieve something and are enthusiastic about their products or services. These are the best prerequisites for a unique personal brand. I will develop a communication strategy together with you, which builds on your personal strengths and suits you.  I was a PR and marketing executive for many years. I founded KEHKOM as a communications agency more than 20 years ago. The second start-up was Margrit’s Toffee, a small manufactory that was the only one in Germany to produce super tasty toffees made from caramel. This experience is also worth its weight in gold in hindsight. For you! So, take advantage of my unique wealth of experience. You’ll get it for free. I look forward to getting to know you.


My guiding principles


Every person is different. Every career is different. That’s why my offers are always tailored to your individual needs. The focus is on you!


You should know exactly what you are getting. That’s why you’ll receive a clearly structured offer with a precise time and cost plan. This creates transparency and commitment for both of us.


I stand by what I say. For me, honesty and openness are the basis for mutual trust. In addition, respectful interaction is part of the entire coaching process. If these values also count for you, our collaboration can be very valuable.


Creativity is crucial to success, especially in brand development. This applies to the development of the brand essence, the positioning, the design of the logo as well as the content. I am a creative person and am happy to bring this strength to the table on request.