Renew your mental fitness for professional success

Never waste a good crisis

A great sentence by Winston Churchill. But if you are in the crisis it does’nt seem to be a good thing. A job loss is a crisis like that. Suddenly you find yourself without a job, for whatever reason. The disappointment runs deep, both about yourself and your former employer. You hang on to your old job and can hardly imagine how you can successfully find a new one.

Mental strength for a positive future

Many people find themselves in this situation and it is completely normal to develop self-doubt. It is not uncommon for fears about the future to arise in such crises. But the truth is: In most cases, it turns out in hindsight that the job loss was a great opportunity to start something new, successful and even better.

Strengthen your self-confidence and overcome challenges

In order to approach the career change in an emotionally positive way, I offer a six-week training course on request in which you can strengthen your mental fitness. Just as you train physical fitness through sport, you can improve your mental fitness through this training. The app we use was developed by a professor at Stanford University and has proven itself with very good results. Over 2000 participants reported after completing the training:

  • 83% improved their self-confidence
  • 91% were better able to deal with stress
  • 90% were able to use their mental and emotional energy more effectively

    And the app can do much more

    It conquers fears of presentations in interviews, speeches in front of large or small groups, job interviews or important negotiations, for example in the start-up phase with investors. The common starting point is always your own attitude and charisma, because every situation is viewed positively as a welcome opportunity.

    Start your journey to professional success

    If you are interested in this fitness training, simply register for an introductory meeting via the calendar. In this call, I will briefly introduce the program and answer your most important questions. The call is non-binding for you.